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We offer packages as well as customized packages to ensure complete customer satisfaction when you form a Business. To make certain what type of business is right for you, we will provide you legal description business entities.
All this can be done with one flat fee. Consultations are free!



With years of experience, we have a clear understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as the state and local tax provisions, and how it affects personal finances or business. We work closely with our clients in developing a strategic, long-term tax plan that addresses both business and personal financial goals. We have years of demonstrated experience, providing individuals and businesses with excellent tax planning and preparation services.


Our licensed tax professionals are specialists in the area of tax debt resolution. We provide fast and permanent relief from the consequences of having an outstanding tax liability by removing liens, halting wage garnishments and stopping the accrual of penalties and interest. The end result will always be negotiation of the best tax settlement agreement possible for your specific set of financial circumstances.



We provide timely and accurate record keeping services for small to large-size businesses. We conduct on-site updates and check your books online. At John J. Pulles, CPA, we pride ourselves for taking time to meet with the client and learn about their accounting and financial service needs. We tailor our services according to the client’s circumstances, financial needs and goals.



Untangling the various state and local sales and use tax requirements can be a challenge. Try to avoid any missteps because it will cost your company money. Changing rates, regulations and exemptions can mean overpayments.



Many businesses outsource their payroll to large payroll processing companies. But those services can be costly! They often don’t offer the sort of custom solutions a business needs, based on its own corporate structure, employee benefits options and deductions. We can provide exactly the solution you need, by combining professional experience and expertise in accounting, deduction management and payroll tax compliance. Our objective is to keep the goals and needs of you business at the forefront.



We will take the time to understand your goals, your workforce and put that knowledge to work, by maximizing the value and cost-effectiveness of your employee benefits plan.




Do you need to set up a Living Trust? What kind of Trust do you need and why? For such delicate matters as these, we put into the upmost care here at our facility. We specialize in helping you understand and put together a plan that’s right for you, all the while making sure it’s something you feel happy and confident with.


Most people know life insurance can help provide financial security and continuity during one of life’s most difficult times: the death of a loved one. What few people know is that life insurance can also help during another one of life’s most difficult times: a chronic, critical or terminal illness. This help comes in the form of optional riders called Accelerated Death Benefit Riders, also generically known as Living Benefits, which can be added at no additional cost. Let us know, we’ll help.

We’re now appointed with Pacific Life and Transamerica Life Insurance.